About Us

Welcome to Bling
Intro of founders : 
A (platform) for all designers luxury jewelrys, watches, pens, leathers and more. For nearly four years, the founders of Bling limited company were investing there time and effort in buying & selling luxury watches and jewelry in all around the GCC countries. 


The last few years, the demand of buying luxury pre-owned jewelaries and watches brands increased dramatically among consumers but the problem was the number of untrused sellers and shops who scheme buyers by taking a high commission and selling or buying your items for low prices. So how can we trust the sellers? Is the luxury items authentic or fake ? Are we buying it for it's right value? How fast can I sell an iteam without loesing money?. 
All these questions let's to start this company to facilitate the process for consumers, 

Solution and what make us different:

Here in Bling we are a marketplace rooted in trust, transparency and authenticity, where both buyers and sellers get the best value and save money not only by selling or buying the iteams they are interested in with the price they want directly without a middleman, but also without a commission nor going to the traditional random second hand sellers. 

By integrating multiple points of expertise and relationships to ensure quality, we offer a comprehensive suite of authenticity services that makes buying and selling easy. No other jewelry marketplace offers the rigor of our authentication processes or the passion of our customer service team.

We take our job – and our customers – very seriously.  Our diverse experts hail from some of the most coveted jewelers in the industry, and spend a lot of time and effort verifying each item to ensure its value and authenticity. Beyond that, we thoroughly vet our vendors to make sure they uphold the highest level of integrity. We’re constantly finding new ways to provide authentic jewelry at the best value. At the end of the day, 100 percent authentic jewelry doesn’t just look better, it feels better too.