Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of Bling App

Please carefully read the terms and conditions before using the website and the application. Once you we went through and gave us a notice of doing so, it deems a consent on all the terms, conditions and rules.

Shamel Company owns the website and the application of Bling, it is a platform offering an advertising space, at the meanwhile such space sees daily e-auctions for all users, subscribers and contractors, and any other persons engaged with us in a legal ties such as sellers and buyers, however, Bling is not held responsible, or gives any guarantees for users regarding the sale and purchase transactions, product quality, counterfeiting and reselling the product, therefore, no one shall claim the company an indemnity for any losses, in addition, Bling is not liable for any stolen items or goods that may be displayed by the users on the website or the application.


Guidelines of Posting an Advertisement

  1. Placing the advertisement after inserting the mobile phone number or the email (if any).
  2. The advertiser has to choose the proper section, classify it under the proper category and follow the prescribed steps, otherwise the ad is deemed cancelled.
  3. The advertiser must be the owner of the displayed product or item.
  4. It is forbidden to advertise any stolen goods.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to advertise any indecent or abusive material, or posting any photos injure the public morality or in violation with the laws.
  6. Any illegal advertisements are forbidden.
  7. It is forbidden to advertise any items or products outside the scope of the goods specified by Bling administration.
  8. An advertisement must be for one product only, but if there is more than one product, a separate advertisement must be created for each item, unless the advertiser obtained a consent from the advertisement.


Website & App

  1. Any duration of an advertisement is set earlier before choosing an ad, both parties shall adhere to the above duration as long as the ad is underway, unless the user or the advertiser breaks the aforementioned rules and controls, or the laws of the country, or those rules the administration sees fit for the users, in this case the website has the right to delete the ad.
  2. The user or the advertiser is hereby under the legal liability or any indemnity arising from an act or a thing he/she made, assuming no liability on the part of the website or the app.
  3. Any advertisement in violation with the rules will be deleted without notifying the advertiser or paying any indemnities.
  4. The terms of use may be changed at any time without a prior notification.

Authorized Seller:

1. The term "Authorized Seller" will be associated with the name of each Authorized Seller and it means in the website or the application or anything related to "BLING" that the seller has completed the sale of a certain number of goods. This term shall be granted by the application or website administration only.

2. BLING website and application also state that the word "authorized" does not imply any guarantee to the owner of the username or product in any way, whether the quality of the product or otherwise.

Financial Rights:

All ads are free (currently) only. BLING is entitled to impose ads Fees on all users thereafter as agreed between the parties.

Intellectual property rights:

1. BLING and Shamil Co. have all intellectual property rights related to the application as well as all contents of the application including data, images and intellectual content in all forms on the application and on the website.

2. It is not allowed to attempt to quote the content of the application in full or in an automatic manner or a substantial part thereof. It is prohibited to use the content of this application in any other intellectual work or to include it in an electronic database. Resale, alteration, translation, or re-engineering of the content of this application is also strictly prohibited. BLING and Shamil Co. shall have the right to impose restrictions as necessary to prevent any person or other website from linking or quoting the content of this application.

3. It is also prohibited to re-engineer or disassemble the software used in the application in order to access the original source or code program of this software or to access the original structure of this application.

4. Modification of Terms and Conditions:

5. BLING shall have the right to amend the terms and conditions of use at any time, and such amendments shall become effective as soon as they are published on the application. Users shall periodically review the Terms and Conditions of Use for the purpose of reviewing any amendments thereto. The User's continued use of the Application after making modifications to the Terms and Conditions shall be deemed as a consent to such amendments.